Q - Am I going to react to your earrings?
A - Not Likely. The vast majority of people with metal allergies are allergic to Nickel. We don't use any nickel whatsoever so unless you are that unlucky person who can only wear platinum, you'll most likely be ok with nickel free. 

Q - Is what I order going to look exactly like the picture?
A- As close as handmade allows. Every item is handmade by a real life person so everything varies slightly. We try our best to keep everything consistent but be aware this is not factory made - which is a good thing!

Q -Is my metal item going to tarnish?
A - It shouldn't. That said, know that all metal eventually tarnishes, it just depends on why and how quickly it happens. Humidity is the most likely culprit, but skin oils and lotions, esp perfumed ones can affect things as well. As a general rule - we suggest you keep your metal jewelry in a dry place, like a closed jewelry box. NOT your humid washroom. 

Q - Do you do custom orders?
A - Yes. email me and lets talk. Keep in mind that custom orders need to be fit in during my not so busy season, which is anything but the lead up to Christmas. 

Q - Do you wholesale?
A - Yes. email me and lets talk

Q - Why do you operate under 2 business names?
A - Long boring story. It happened that I am one person working under 2 umbrellas. Maybe its marketing genius, maybe its a silly oversight, whatever it is....it is.

Q - How is it that you are so awesome?
A -  aww shucks ;)